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YSU held the summer camp for U.S. high school students from Confucius Institute of UT


[News from the News Center] YSU held Chinese summer camp for U.S. high school students from Confucius Institute of the University of Toledo (UTCI) successfully from June 12th to June 25th. . 11 high school students from five high schools in the vicinity of UTCI and nearby cities and 1 leading teacher from UT participated in the summer camp.

Campers visit the headquarter of Confucius Institute.

Campers are learning Tai Chi Fan.

The summer camp closing ceremony.

Photos above by Division of International Cooperation

During this summer camp, Division of International Cooperation arranged a wide range of well-designed activities for theses campers, including the courses of experiencing Chinese language and culture such as the Forbidden City, Chinese food, Chinese ways of greetings and movies, Chinese festivals and the method to make a Chinese knot. What’s more, students also set off to find the source of the Great Wall in order to learn about its history and culture. Then, they visited New Century High School of Qinhuangdao observing classroom teaching and participating in classroom interaction between teachers and students. Finally, they visited the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) and explored the unique human landscape of Beijing and Qinhuangdao and experienced some traditional projects like Chinese martial arts and Tea art. These campers appreciated the extensive and profound Chinese culture with unique charm through the quality expanding and learning experiences of Chinese language and culture.

The summer camp adopts a pattern of homestay which helps them fit into the Chinese family and facilitates communication among all family members.

The annual American high school students summer camp is a brand project in terms of cultural exchange between China and America developed by the joint efforts of UTCI and YSU, which has a good social impact on the school district and its surrounding areas. By means of Chinese language training, the introduction and interaction of Chinese culture, visiting the Confucius Institute Headquarters, experiencing the homestay and quality development, the communications between Chinese and American teenagers is greatly promoted and American high school students’ appreciative understanding for Chinese culture and language is refreshed and enlarged,  which  arouses their enthusiasm for learning Chinese and lays an important language and culture foundation for them to be international talents who play an vital role in promoting cultural communication between China and America.

[Translated by Yao Jian]

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