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YSU awarded the “National Outstanding University on Psychological Health Education”



[News from the News Center] From June 20 to 22, the 13th National Academic Colloquium on Mental Health Education and Consultation was held at Jilin University. Zhang Donggang, Director of the Division of Human Resources and Ideological Education of the MOE attended the conference. The conference commended the Outstanding Universities and individuals for their contribution to the psychological health education work during 2015-2018. The Mental Health Education Service Center (Psychological Research Institute) of our university was awarded the “National Outstanding University on Psychological Health Education”, and a teacher of the center Ma Hui was awarded the "National Outstanding Workers in Psychological Health Education for College Students". Her psychological work "Teacher’s Words" won the third prize for the outstanding works for college students' mental health education.

YSU was award “National Outstanding University on Psychological Health Education”.

The teacher Ma Hui was awarded as "Outstanding worker of college students' mental health education".

The psychological work “Teacher’s words” won the third prize.

The awards show that our work is highly recognized and fully affirmed in the work of mental health education in YSU. It is a milestone in the development of the work of psychological education in our school. It shows that the school has achieved remarkable results in the construction of a psychological education system. We have achieved fruitful results in improving students’ mental health. In recent years, YSU takes the characteristics of college students’ physical and mental development into account, develop a scientific layout, rational design, and suitable principles, progress in stability, and finally forming a unique psychological education system with six major sections.

Building a high-quality psychological work force: Regularly inviting the psychological supervisor to carry out professional consultation and carry out more than 20 training programs every year. The “Teacher’s Words” written by the psychological teacher received the award of “National Excellent Social Science Popular Work”. The mental health curriculum covering all students is set up: In accordance with the characteristics and needs of students of different grades, psychological courses such as adaptation and life education, emotional management, and coping with stress are offered to improve the pertinence of the curriculum.

Diversified psychological education activities were provided with the "prevention-oriented" principle. More than 40 activities were organized during the Mental Health Festival, which attracted nearly 20,000 students. We teach students how to treat psychological problems correctly, and learn how to seek for help. Each year, 20,000 students are involved in general mental health surveys are provided with counseling. Multi-channel psychological counseling services were provided including the forms of counseling, catharsis therapy, and music relaxation therapy. Among them, each group conducts more than 700 sessions of psychological growth group counseling each year.

YSU establishes a comprehensive school-hospital cooperation platform: Establish a cooperation platform with the top hospitals on mental health. Experts were invited regularly to conduct mental health assessments. Psychological teachers regularly go to psychiatric institutions to improve their psychological assessment and disability identification capabilities. YSU spare no efforts in implementing the standardized psychological crisis intervention at different levels. The psychological crisis work mechanism was implemented in schools, departments, classes, and dormitories. Through the effective channel of “Discovery – Sending to Hospital - Diagnosis and Treatment”, we have successfully intervened more than 30 students in sudden emergencies.

In the future, YSU will further implement the some of the content of the National Conference on Ideological and Political Work at Colleges and Universities and greatly improve the quality of psychological education. We will enrich the connotation of psychological education, and highlight the work of psychological education. The key part of psychological education work is to effectively guide students to better understand themselves, accept themselves and improve themselves. YSU will focus on cultivating students' healthy mentality and positive attitude and attach great importance to students’ well-being, insomuch as contributing to the society at large.

[Translated by Ni Rongzi]

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