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YSU representing Hebei Province attends the National Undergraduate Education Conference



[News from the News Center] From June 20 to June 22, YSU representing Hebei Province attends the New Era National Undergraduate Education Conference. During the conference, our university, as a participating university, jointly initiated the "Top Undergraduate Education Manifesto (Chengdu Declaration)" and other participating colleges and universities and made a commitment to "training top talents and building top undergraduate education." Meng Weidong, Party Secretary of YSU attended the meeting, and Jiang Wenchao, Director of the Teacher and Teaching Development Center attended the conference.

New era National Undergraduate Education Work Conference.

Meng Weidong attends the General Meeting (second row, third from right).

Meng Weidong in the on-site visit of the teaching reform of Sichuan University (third from left).

The New Age National College Undergraduate Education Work Conference was organized by the Ministry of Education and hosted by Sichuan University. This is the first national undergraduate education work conference held in the 40 years from 1970s. It specially studied the deployment of undergraduate education, and clarified that undergraduate education is the foundation of the university. The conference further emphasized that the reform and development of higher education should follow four rules: return to common sense, return to the basics, return to the initial aspiration, and return to the dream.

At the keynote conference on June 21, Vice Minister of MOE Lin Huiqing presided over the meeting. Chen Baosheng, Party Secretary of MOE, made a topic entitled "Adhering to the Basic Rules and Principles of Education and Building World Level Undergraduate Education with China's Characteristics”, which was followed by a series of speeches delivered by Peking University, Tsinghua University, Qinghai University, Dongguan University of Technology, and Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

The main venue of the conference was set up in Chengdu. The presidents and directors from universities directly under the MOE, 14 colleges and universities jointly established by provinces and ministries, 60 local colleges and universities, 31 provincial and municipal education departments (educational committees) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Education Bureau, and relevant directors of the 11 central ministries and commissions and education divisions of the central government, 20 directors of MOE, a total of 50,000 people attended the conferences.

YSU representatives participated in the forum of "Adhering to the Basic Rules and Principles of Education and Building World Level Undergraduate Education” on June 20, Sichuan University teaching reform site visits on June 21, and Press conference of MOE on June 22.

[Translated by Liu Shuai]

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