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YSU hosts 2018 Graduation Gala



[News from the news center] On the evening of June 10, the 2018 Graduation Gala was held in Room 109 of YSU Student Activity Center, East Campus. YSU Party Secretary Meng Weidong, President Liu Hongmin, Vice President Kong Xiangdong, Vice President Zhang Fucheng, Secretary of Disciplinary Inspection Committee Li Rong, Vice President Zhao Yongsheng, Party Committee Standing Committee Member Wang Baocheng, Vice President Huang Sheng, and Vice President Zhao Dingxuan attended the Gala. Graduation Gala also invited Tian Jinchang, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Qinhuangdao Municipal Committee; Qiao Shurong, Deputy Secretary General of the CPC Qinhuangdao Municipal Committee; Meng Xianpeng, Deputy Secretary of the People's Government of Linxi County; Huang Zeng, Director of the 704 Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry , and YSU School directors.

Liu Hongmin delivers a speech.(Photo by Gaohui from News Center)

The Gala started with the dynamic dance -- "Bachelor Dance", and it instantly engaged the audience. Liu Hongmin, with the title of "Long Pavilion Road, Forever Young" addressed 2018 graduates. He affirmed the achievements of our graduates in some aspects such as campus culture, innovation and entrepreneurship, and voluntary service. He encouraged graduates to continue to explore and lead a fruitful and meaningful life.

Songs performance (Photo by Gao Hui from the News Center)

Dream it possible (Photo by Zhang Wenjuan from the News Center)

Musical instrument performance (Photo by CYL YSU Committee)

Dance performance (Photo by CYL YSU Committee)

Drama performance (Photo by Zhao Rui from the News Center)

Counselors’ songs (Photo by Zhang Wenjuan from the News Center)

Dance performance – A postman in war time (Photo by Zhang Wenjuan from the News Center)

Chorus performance (Photo by CYL YSU Committee)

Song performance (Photo by CYL YSU Committee)

The Graduation Gala consists of three themes: “When New Journey Starts”, “Remarkable Years in YSU”, and “Exploring into a Larger World”. The graduates looked back and did a lot of reminiscing. These beautiful songs helped them recapture the fun and excitement of their college days. Every little thing seems so much more beautiful at the time of graduation.

The performance “Let's Live with Love” tells about the graduates' story from military training to graduation. The dance performance “Only for the Way to Meet You”, the dancers present the beautiful moment of encounter; the song "Dream it possible" conveys the firm belief of chasing the dream; the magic show -- "Magical Drift" thrills the audience with its wonderful performance and won a round of applause. The Gala also interviewed two graduates, Hu Ziyu and Xin Jiyuan, their affection for YSU was so tense that it beyond their words.

The music instrument performance “Happiness” has a lively rhythm; the dance “Ordinary People” is pleasing to the eye; the song “Holy Land” evokes resonance; the musical “Yan Da Ri Ji” directs audience to recall the good old days. 2018 counselors sing a song "Love between Teachers and Students", which takes the audience to the climax of farewell sentiment. The counselors' teachings voices and deep blessings all impressed graduates. Other performances expressed some intense patriotic, passionate and pure sentiment. The handcraft paper planes bearing the blessings touched the graduates.

Photo of leaders and actors (Photo by CYL YSU Committee)

It is reported that for the best performance of the Gala, all the cast members have rehearsed seven times in two and a half months and revisited several times. The director team has been working hard on the stage background, lighting coordination, and audio debugging to ensure presenting an excellent gala. It is hoped that an unforgettable Gala may complete graduates’ four-year university life. We hope that the 2018 graduates will always behold their beliefs, practicing YSU spirits of “Valuing Virtue, Pursuing Knowledge, and Seeking Truth”, exploring into a larger world and creating their own splendid life.

(Translated by Liu Ruo)

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